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a Page from Ororo's diary

I've had this idea for a while. Yes, it's comical, it's sorta the lines of Cassie's LOTR journals. I hope you enjoy! It's Ororo's diary.

May 2, 2003- Jean and I had to look for an assassin. Well, it took Little Miss "I'm losing control of my powers" way too long to get there. It's not like a whitey like her can't find Boston! Well, I managed to get him out of hiding. Him being Kurt Vahgner. OH MY GAWD, girlfriend, he looked like Smurfette and Satan had a child together. I'm serious! But after talking to him, we, actually I, discovered that there was some sort of mind control on him. DA-YUM! His powers are interesting. He can be somewhere and "poof", be somewhere else in like no time. Take that, BEEYATCH! And Ms. Lee says she has a cool power.

May 5, 2003- Oh so stressed. Some guy that the Prof once knew is all "I hate muties and yur Mama!" And I'm all "Check yourself, before you wreck yourself, nizzle." I just feel like a weathergirl like me can't find a decent man. Oooh, Kurt's all alone...talking to himself, wait, talking to his hand, wait,...sounds like praying...but not. Will investigate.

May 6 2003- Have saved the world, again, and still ain't got none. And it looks like Commander Cool, aka Scott the Cock, won't get none anytime soon either. Jean done sacrificed herself and whatnot, which was cool, but not called for. I mean, hello, I can control the elements. That water coming towards me I would have been freezing that like a father fucker! DaY-YUM! And Bobby could have frozen it to, so why she got to do the whole "I'm Little Miss Jesus"? Oh yeah, before I forget, Kurt has become an X-Man. Booyah! More lue booty for moi....I think. He told me that he's all religous and shit, and I was like, "and? What's got that to do with you pleasing me wit your tail, Papa Smurf?" He just looked at me funny and said something in his devil-tongue.

May 8, 2003- Turns out Kitty has a thing for Kurt. Time for me to kick some Jewish Cat ass! Peace!
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