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_begin creative process_

Nightcrawler680: hello.
Ororo: hey you got the laptop to work
Nightcrawler680: Ja it pretty cool.
Ororo: how is the mission going?
Nightcrawler680: Not too bad so far.
Nightcrawler680: We staked out a few places hit by the mysterious creatures and Logan thinks it is the work of just one guy. So now we are off to Russia to investigate a lead.
Ororo: good thing your covered in fur to keep you warm
Nightcrawler680: Ja, but I wish you could have come.
Ororo: me too
Ororo: I hope Kitty isn't giving you any looks or it might be much colder here than Russia ;)
Nightcrawler680: Believe me in how you say "once you go black, you never go back to the inferior race again."
Ororo: ah no its "never go back" my little blue demon
Nightcrawler680: Ja thats it. Sorry.
Nightcrawler680: But Kitty can never hold a kerze to you, and i swear her brain must have phased out of her head during are last encounter with Magneto because she is being so annoying.
Ororo: ?
Nightcrawler680: More than ever I should say.
Ororo: that's what i thought
Nightcrawler680: OK we about to land, so I must sign off.
Ororo: be careful and comeback to me in one piece
Nightcrawler680: Ja I will.
Nightcrawler680: Hugs and Kisses.
Ororo: :)

_end lame ass attempt to build a story out of instant messenger_

_begin razorbread's plea for forgiveness for such brain numbing content_

Razorbread: oh god what have i done...i am so so sorry
Razorbread: well bye

_end razorbread's good name to take writing to new X-tremes of badness_
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