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[22 Dec 2003|01:22pm]

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X-Men Role playing game? XD

xaviers is looking for new players! The game has slowed down quite a bit and we're doing a bit of re-vamping, so we're looking for a ton of characters!

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a Page from Ororo's diary [19 Aug 2003|06:08pm]

[ mood | nerdy ]

I've had this idea for a while. Yes, it's comical, it's sorta the lines of Cassie's LOTR journals. I hope you enjoy! It's Ororo's diary.

May 2, 2003- Jean and I had to look for an assassin. Well, it took Little Miss "I'm losing control of my powers" way too long to get there. It's not like a whitey like her can't find Boston! Well, I managed to get him out of hiding. Him being Kurt Vahgner. OH MY GAWD, girlfriend, he looked like Smurfette and Satan had a child together. I'm serious! But after talking to him, we, actually I, discovered that there was some sort of mind control on him. DA-YUM! His powers are interesting. He can be somewhere and "poof", be somewhere else in like no time. Take that, BEEYATCH! And Ms. Lee says she has a cool power.

May 5, 2003- Oh so stressed. Some guy that the Prof once knew is all "I hate muties and yur Mama!" And I'm all "Check yourself, before you wreck yourself, nizzle." I just feel like a weathergirl like me can't find a decent man. Oooh, Kurt's all alone...talking to himself, wait, talking to his hand, wait,...sounds like praying...but not. Will investigate.

May 6 2003- Have saved the world, again, and still ain't got none. And it looks like Commander Cool, aka Scott the Cock, won't get none anytime soon either. Jean done sacrificed herself and whatnot, which was cool, but not called for. I mean, hello, I can control the elements. That water coming towards me I would have been freezing that like a father fucker! DaY-YUM! And Bobby could have frozen it to, so why she got to do the whole "I'm Little Miss Jesus"? Oh yeah, before I forget, Kurt has become an X-Man. Booyah! More lue booty for moi....I think. He told me that he's all religous and shit, and I was like, "and? What's got that to do with you pleasing me wit your tail, Papa Smurf?" He just looked at me funny and said something in his devil-tongue.

May 8, 2003- Turns out Kitty has a thing for Kurt. Time for me to kick some Jewish Cat ass! Peace!

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_begin creative process_ [16 Aug 2003|10:11pm]

[ mood | jubilant ]

Nightcrawler680: hello.
Ororo: hey you got the laptop to work
Nightcrawler680: Ja it pretty cool.
Ororo: how is the mission going?
Nightcrawler680: Not too bad so far.
Nightcrawler680: We staked out a few places hit by the mysterious creatures and Logan thinks it is the work of just one guy. So now we are off to Russia to investigate a lead.
Ororo: good thing your covered in fur to keep you warm
Nightcrawler680: Ja, but I wish you could have come.
Ororo: me too
Ororo: I hope Kitty isn't giving you any looks or it might be much colder here than Russia ;)
Nightcrawler680: Believe me in how you say "once you go black, you never go back to the inferior race again."
Ororo: ah no its "never go back" my little blue demon
Nightcrawler680: Ja thats it. Sorry.
Nightcrawler680: But Kitty can never hold a kerze to you, and i swear her brain must have phased out of her head during are last encounter with Magneto because she is being so annoying.
Ororo: ?
Nightcrawler680: More than ever I should say.
Ororo: that's what i thought
Nightcrawler680: OK we about to land, so I must sign off.
Ororo: be careful and comeback to me in one piece
Nightcrawler680: Ja I will.
Nightcrawler680: Hugs and Kisses.
Ororo: :)

_end lame ass attempt to build a story out of instant messenger_

_begin razorbread's plea for forgiveness for such brain numbing content_

Razorbread: oh god what have i done...i am so so sorry
Razorbread: well bye

_end razorbread's good name to take writing to new X-tremes of badness_

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fan fic [06 Aug 2003|04:34pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Summer Days
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Kurt and Ororo share a day of fun in the July sun, then things get really hot.

Ororo Munroe climbed out of the Olympic-sized swimming pool, readjusting her tight, black two-piece swim suit. Then, created a custom-sized vortex of warm air to dry her off. She then took the rubber band out of her snow white hair to release it into the vortex to dry it off as well. Within seconds her body, and hair were dry. She walked over to her beachchair and laid down, then let the July sun shine of her dark skin. She put one her sunglasses and closed her eyes. A gust of wind blew across her face. She enjoyed the New York heat, with occasional summer breeze. It felt like Cairo, felt like home.
Something then defiled the sweet smell of summer. She sniffed the air...she knew that smell. It was the smell of sulfur; a "bamf". Kurt was nearby. And very late.
"You know for somebody who can be anywhere within three miles in a second, you're horribly late. If you have a good excuse, I'd be more than thrilled to hear it." She gave him a sly grin, already forgiving him. She pointed her head towards the pool. "Care for a swim?"
Kurt was on the mid-level diving board, clinging on to the bottom of the board with his tail. He was wearing whie wristbands and tight black pants. He had obviously been held late in his fencing class. "My dearest apologies, meine Freundin, Herr Gurthie asked for extra time, I was all too happy to oblige. Though I told him I had a previous engagement, that was most dire-"
She cut him off. "So I don't vene get a quick 'be back in a few, sorry for keeping you'? Not even a 'I'mg going to be late'?" Her sly, flirtacious grin had faded and became a rather unpleasant look. "It's not that it'd take a large amount of time to do that. Now would it?" She folded her arms beneath her breasts and just stared back into her lover's eyes very irritated.
Now knowing she was upset, Kurt teleported to behind her in her beachchair and began rubbing her already tense shoulders.
"My absolute apologies, my dearest Windrider. I will do my best to make it up to you. I swear." He then kissed her on the cheek. He could see her frown slowly turn into a small smile.
"You know," she put her hand on his cheek , "you'll have to do better than just a massage, Fuzzy boy. Got it?"
"You know," he said, tightening his three-fingered grip on her less tense shoulders. "You don't know what a massage is until you have one by a person with three fingers."
"Is that so?," said, following a mmph. "I hear that Remy gives pretty good rub downs for a person with five fingers. Or at least that is what Marie tells me."
"Well," Kurt's mouth was by her left ear now. Then he whispered, "that's her bias opinon."
"And so me saying that you're better isn't my bias opinion?" She now had a wide smile on her face.
"No," he whispered again in her ear. "HE then slid his hands down. Down across her breasts and then rested on her firm stomach. "It's the truth."
Still sitting in her white beachchair, she wrapped her arms around his fuzzy neck and pushed his face to hers. "Well, I;m reaad for a couple of more laps. Want to join me?"
"Well actually, I think I have to decline. Fuzz and water do not mix half the time. Have you ever seen me in the shower?"
"Not recently," she said softly.
He gave her a small smirk. "Not usually ever. My showers are never over 30 seconds to a minute. Unlike Hank who takes up to thirty-five minutes."
They both laughed.
She then gently kissed him on the lips. "So, what am I going to have to do to get you into that pool?"
In a flash and a puff of dark smoke, Kurt was back on the middle-level diving board. "No tricks, Ororo." He was pointing a finger at her. "I mean it, Windrider! No tricks, no tornadoes, no....anything."
Ororo got up form her beachchair and began walking towards the pool. "C'on, Kurt. Just a little swim, please?"
She began walking sensually towards him, beeckoning him with her finger. "Please? Now come here and swim with me." She slowly advanced towards the pool and dipped her right foot, then her right hand. "See? The water's fine." She could see Kurt shake his head and waving his finger with a "tsk tsk".
She shrugged her shoulders and turned away. "Fine. If you will not join me, I am sure Peter would happily oblige to-"
She turned around only to see Kurt with a smirk. "Oh, so that's how the game is played, ja?"
"Actually," she said while wrapping her arms aroujnd his waist,"this is." She delicately began playing with the tip of his pointed ear, and with her other hand, stroked his dark hair.
"Ah, I see now," he said. "Exactly how do you win?"
She shrugged her shoulders. "Doesn't matter."
He leaned in closer and closer to where their lips were only half an inch across from eachother's. "Why does it not matter, Sturm?" He then wrapped his tail around her, pulling her in even closer.
"Because," she said before gently licking his azure lips. "I've already won"
With that they kissed. At first slow and passionately, then it became faster and faster. Ororo suddenly pulled back and looked around. Kurt gave her a puzzling look. "What is the matter?"
"Oh, just, er...I don't want anybody looking."
"Oh?" Kissing her forehead, he teleported them both to his room. "Better?"
"Much," she replied.
Their lips met again, but this time more feriousely than before. Their tongues lashed over one another's, though Ororo carefully tried to avoid Kurt's razor-edged teeth. His hands slid down her back, then up again. Then down again to her firm bottom, where he tightened his grip.
He then teleported them both to his bed. He quickly removed the plaid-patterned, flannel sheets. Ororo was now on top, with Kurt beneath her. His tail climbed up her back and with a snap, undid her black bikini top.
"Aren't we clever?", She asked with a smirk.
"Ja," he said as her top slid to the red shad carpet floor.
She cupped his face in her hands. "Do you think it would be any trouble if I were on bottom?"
In an instant they had reversed positions, now with Kurt on top and her beneath him. She wrapped her long, ebony-skinned legs around his waist and pulled him closer. Then she dove into his kiss again.
Both of their hands went up and down and around eachother's body. She bacame hot in the face, then it flushed to the rest of her body.
She wanted more.
As she went to remove his black pants, a familiar voice rang in her head.
Sorry to disturb you two, but I need all X-men to report to the control room. Immeditely, if you don't mind, Storm. Professor X called. When he called, they obeyed.
Ororo nuzzled against Kurt's fuzzy chin. "Another time, I guess."
Kurt sighed then smiled at her. "Of course, Mein Wind Mitfahrer." She put her biking top back on and wrapped her arms around her lover's neck. "Would you mind teleporting me back to my room for a quick change?" She looked down at her body, "I just want to be a little decent for the Professor and the team. If you don't mind."
"Of course not." He took a finger and placed it under her chin and stared in her sliver eyes. "Ich liebe Sie, Ororo."
She blushed and put her cheek on his shoulder. Kurt had taught her a little German since their relationship started. He had said he loved her. "Ich liebe Sie mehr, Kurt." She had told him she loves him more. More than life, more than anything.
With that, he teleported them to her room so she could change.

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Ooh [05 Aug 2003|01:36pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Love the site...just I think we need a bamfstorm background.
YOKO, LEW< ANYBODY ELSE! Join this cool group, and yes, we are cool! Kurt/Ororo is cool! Therefore you will be cool too.


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Testing [03 Aug 2003|10:00pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Test Post

Kurt from Evolution is the sexiest kurt damnit!!!!HE IS! HE IS!!!! He is ickle and cute and has long hair.

::maniacly laughter heard for miles::

__end test post__

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